The Unexpected Dietitian

United Kingdom
The Unexpected Dietitian The Unexpected Dietitian
Practitioner identifies as: Neurodivergent
Pronouns: She/Her
Package Fees: £240 for 3 x 60 minute appointments

Alison, known as ‘The Unexpected Dietitian’, is a UK, hcpc registered dietitian available for virtual care to adults in the U.K.

The Unexpected Dietitian provides a Neuro affirming, weight neutral and eating disorder aware approach to private dietetic care. I am an expert in chronic diseases that affect the neurodivergent population such as diabetes, hypermobility, mast cell activation and postural tachycardia syndrome. Through non judgemental and supportive communication, I create a space for clients to feel safe in exploring their unique dietary needs.

Alison comes from a multiply neurodivergent family.

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