If you are a Neuro-Affirmative, Neurodivergent practitioner (self or formally identified), we would love to support your work!

This directory is hosted by the non-profit, Autistic-led organisation Thriving Autistic.

Since our founding in 2020, we have been on a journey of self-discovery and evolution. We realised that we needed to expand our representation and services to include the broader Neurodivergent community. This directory is the tip of the iceberg of the services and support we can offer you as a Neurodivergent practitioner. Whether you are in private practice, are a student, work as part of a broader organisation or are in burnout and wondering how you can begin to get moving again in a more sustainable way. We want to help. Our aim is to nurture each other as we do this vital work.

How do I get involved?

The simplest way to start is to click the “add a listing” button and go through the brief site registration process to add your listing. You will have full control once the listing is approved and you can edit or change at will.

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The next stage is to get verified. Verified practitioners provide reassurance to our neurokin that they are working with someone who has gone through our extensive screening process and has the qualifications and insurance in place that clients would expect.

Verified practitioners are full members of our community and are entitled to many extra supports, from free mentorship and support with marketing, admin, a professional email address and payment services, access to our team communication platform “slack” where you can connect with a whole host of practitioner peers, share referrals and gather resources as well as paid opportunities to facilitate trainings and workshops.

You can find out more about and begin the process of becoming verified by clicking here

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