Person-Centred Online & Telephone Counselling for LGBTQIA+ and/or Neurodivergent People

Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Person-Centred Online & Telephone Counselling for LGBTQIA+ and/or Neurodivergent People
Practitioner identifies as: ADHD, Autistic, Neurodivergent, PDA
Additional disabilities: Chronic Health Conditions
Practitioners' Race and/or Ethnicity: White British
Gender and/or sexuality: transmasculine, queer
Pronouns: He/They

My name is Francis and my pronouns are he/they. I offer person-centred counselling for a range of issues, specialist bereavement counselling, LGBTQ+/ GSRD (Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity) and neurodiversity affirming counselling, HAES/IE informed counselling and Single Session Therapy (SST). I work online and via telephone throughout the UK and some other countries by individual arrangement.

My work is relational and trauma informed. I support people with many common issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, work-place bullying, mental health issues, childhood trauma, chronic illness, self-esteem and issues with identity, and also more specialised areas of bereavement, gender/sexuality, body image, LGBTQ issues and neurodivergence.

I have personal and professional experience of suicide bereavement and work with complex bereavements such as suicide, unexpected loss, and multiple bereavements.

I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and work with LGBTQ+ people. I am sex positive and kink, BDSM and polyamory friendly. I work from a Health at Every Size/(HAES) and Intuitive Eating (IE) informed approach with self-esteem, body image and healing from diet culture. I work with neurodivergent people and those who are exploring neurodivergent identity, particularly autism and/or ADHD. As a transgender, neurodivergent and disabled person myself I have both personal and professional experience of many of the issues I help clients with.

I have experience of and enjoy working with other therapists and therapists-in-training. My qualifications and memberships are generally accepted by course providers.

Person-centred counselling is based on the belief that we all have an innate capacity for healing and that when we are struggling with life’s challenges a skilled, caring and facilitative counselling relationship can support us in this. Working from the person-centred model means that I will support your own healing journey rather than advise or analyse you.

Single Session Therapy (SST)
Single Session Therapy is a form of therapy that takes place in one session, usually focused on a specific issue where we both work together to figure out a way forward. It is possible to book future sessions also as stand alone sessions, but you may find that one is enough. This is different to open ended therapy where we would be expecting to see each other over a period of time. You may book more than one session of SST, but they would still be more like seperate episodes of therapeutic work rather than an ongoing therapeutic process.

Why choose SST?
You may have a specific issue or problem that you want help with, it also may help with time and financial constraints, or you might be unsure about whether a longer term therapy process is right for you. I can also often offer a session of SST a lot quicker than other types, e.g. within 2 weeks.

SST originates from the CBT tradition of psychological therapies, however the way I practice it is a lot more person-centred, so while there may be a more focused feel to a SST session it is still you who chooses what is important, what you do and don’t want to talk about and what you want to get out of the session. For more information about SST please drop me an enquiry and I can send out the full information pack.

I am based in Scotland and I currently offer online and telephone counselling throughout the UK and abroad (not all countries so please ask for details). I am flexible around how often, and how long you would like to come for counselling, I also welcome returning clients when I have availability. Appointments usually last for 60 minutes although if you have a special requirement, I may be able to be flexible. I can offer email or text-based counselling as an access requirement if other mediums do not work for you.

I do not work with LGBTQ+ clients in the greater Edinburgh area, in order to maintain privacy in a small community.

Finding the right therapist can be difficult, particularly for people with minority identities and is often about finding the right ‘fit’ of traits and personality in addition to qualifications. I understand how important this is so if my profile appeals then please get in touch. I am happy to answer any questions you may have either about person-centred counselling generally or what I can offer. I offer a free informal telephone/video consultation so you can find out more.

Please make your initial enquiry by email or text message – due to my working hours and access needs I cannot guarantee to answer phonecalls or voicemails.

My first session
Your first session with me will be a chance for you to begin to talk about the issues that are bringing you to counselling. I send out my paperwork beforehand so there is minimal paperwork during your appointment. I will then begin the process of listening to your story, to understand your unique experiences and learn how I can best support you.

I do my best to make sure you feel safe and supported so you can feel comfortable to share your personal information. You don’t have to talk about anything that you don’t want to. Particularly in first sessions you may need to get used to me and find out whether you feel safe to share sensitive issues, and I respect this. I offer a combination of deep supportive listening and therapy, as well as giving you information that might support your wellbeing such as advice around mental health.

I currently hold NCPS (National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society) Accredited membership, Member No: NCS23-00650

Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling – Counselling Tutor 2020
BA (Hons) Person Centred Therapy – University of Cumbria 2014 (BACP Accredited)

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