Neuro-affirmative Art Psychotherapy Online with Kirsti Willis

Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Neuro-affirmative Art Psychotherapy Online with Kirsti Willis
Practitioner identifies as: Autistic, Neurodivergent
Practitioners' Race and/or Ethnicity: White European
Gender and/or sexuality: Woman
Pronouns: she/they

I’m a HCPC registered, autistic Art Psychotherapist and consultant, who offers neurodivergent people individually tailored, counselling and art psychotherapy. I also offer relationship counselling (where one or more in the relationship are neurodivergent).

I deliver the sessions mostly on Zoom, but can also use phone, text or email (or a mix of these, as appropriate) – whichever is your preferred way to communicate.

I am absolutely neuro affirming and my counselling approach is positive and empowering. It is a mostly present and future orientated zone, which helps in concentrating on change. This is not to say that we won’t be exploring the past and the roots of your problems.

Together we identify your interests and strengths, using these to work towards your goals (however big or small) in a gradual way, which means that change is easier and achievable.

I also offer art psychotherapy, which can be effective in treating deep issues and trauma, which many neurodivergent people suffer from. You don’t need to be an artist or “good at art” to participate and the use of artistic expression is always optional. However, it can open doors to the unconscious, which is most often the seat of significant, but complicated issues, which are hard to verbalise.

I have two decades of experience in supporting autistic people, as well as people with many different mental health conditions, mild learning disabilities and ADHD. I have worked with neurodivergent people in many different roles and been on many related courses, so understand the particular, as well as holistic, needs neurodivergent people (often around issues such as LGBTQI+, trauma, substance misuse, etc).

I dedicate myself to getting to know my clients and help them work towards their individual goals, at the speed and intensity that suits them.

The sessions are a safe, judgement free and confidential space. Whatever your situation and needs, email me and we can make a personalised and achievable plan, going forward.

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