Jane Hughes: Neuro-affirmative Psychotherapist

Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Jane Hughes: Neuro-affirmative Psychotherapist
Practitioner identifies as: Autistic, Neurodivergent

I’m a fully trained and insured psychotherapist and I’ve been working online with clients for the past eight years. My work with clients who identified as autistic led me to investigate my own experience (I just kept thinking – me too!) and I have now been diagnosed as autistic. I am in my fifties and so I know about masking and burn-out! Please take a look at my website for full details of who I am and how I work – if you are looking for a therapist – for any reason – work stress, family issues, relationship problems – and you would like to work with somebody who understands a bit about the neurodivergent life experience, I’m here for you.

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