Psychotherapy for young people, alongside parent support, consultation and supervision.

Bristol, Bristol City, England, United Kingdom
Psychotherapy for young people, alongside parent support, consultation and supervision. Psychotherapy for young people, alongside parent support, consultation and supervision.
Practitioner identifies as: Autistic
Pronouns: She/Her

*Currently full for psychotherapy. Supervision sessions are available.*

Fledge Psychotherapy was born of a hope that autistic young people can access psychotherapy that takes their individual needs into account, that will not pathologize or see them through the lense of a deficit based ‘medical’ model, and holds space for them to expand into their authentic identity.

The work embraces the social model of disability and identifies as within the neurodiversity paradigm.

Fledge Psychotherapy offers a space for what has not yet been born. What can emerge may be as yet unknown.

Autistic children and young people experience a higher proportion of mental health challenges than the neuro-typical population. There is a high level of trauma, including sensory trauma, in the lived experience of many autistic children and young people.

The ableist environment our children live within is one which is not designed for them in mind.

Child and Adolescent psychotherapy is a therapeutic model which explores ‘what lies beneath’.

It is a collaborative exploration between the therapist and child.
The work is always respectful, at the child’s own pace and focuses on the interplay between the individuals internal and external world.
The therapist works relationally, to come along side the child and understand this with them.
Together the therapist and child can create a safe space where links can be made and thought about, patterns explored and self understanding expanded.

The work aims to understand the underlying reasons why your child is communicating in a particular way and offers space for the underlying feelings to emerge and be thought about.

The aim is to facilitate a more authentic way of being in the world, borne of self compassion, understanding and acceptance.
This is the road less travelled.


Currently online only work available.

It is not necessary for your child to use mouth words in order to engage with the therapy. All communication is valid and forms of expression using art materials, small world play and other alternatives can be used.
When working online please use whatever materials are helpful to you.

It may seem as if your child is ‘just playing’ but play is the mode that many children use to process their emotions and integrate experiences. All play is valid. The therapist will be listening closely to the communication embedded in the play and be gently curious about what maybe going on for the child.

This form of psychotherapy is child led and centres the child’s needs and experiences.


Initial 20 minute meeting on whether psychotherapy may be a good fit for your needs. Free of charge.

Individual Psychotherapy – 12 to 26 years old.

Pre and post diagnosis support. Self identification is valid.

Parent Support Work – This is a non judgmental space for parents to explore their own thoughts and feelings around the experience of parenting. Woven through this is an awareness that our own experiences of being parented can often come alive when we become parents ourselves.

Supervision- A space for professionals to think about the emotional impact of the work they are engaged in. Non judgmental and explorative.

I can offer online work throughout the UK.

Sessions and initial meetings can be accessed using a variety of formats, depending on your preference.

-Online with cameras on or off

-Via a text based service such as WhatsApp or Discord, using text or voice notes.

Please get in contact with any questions, comments, ideas or inquires.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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