Catherine Flynn Therapy

Bristol City, Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Catherine Flynn Therapy
Practitioner identifies as: Autistic
Practitioners' Race and/or Ethnicity: White British
Pronouns: She/her

I specialise in working with newly identified and those exploring Autism, ADHD or AUDHD. I work online across the UK and in person in South Bristol, UK. I help people who have spent their lives wondering why they struggle so much, people who have never fitted into norms but aren’t quite sure why. I can help you:

– identify your unique neurodivergent characteristics
– ​Learn to work with your wonderful mind​
– Liberate yourself from self-judgment and shame
– ​Trust yourself & shape a life that fits your neurotype
– Support pre & post assessment in a number of ways​

As well as specialising in neurodiversity, I have experience in working with a range of issues including burnout, life changes, stuckness and anxiety.

I would describe myself as an outgoing, warm and empathic creative autistic therapist. In counselling, you would experience our sessions as collaborative, explorative and a relief from having to act any particular way. My counselling room has fidget objects. You can also bring objects to use yourself e.g. colouring in, crochet, game playing etc. Whatever works for you works for me!

My counselling practice is also unconventional in that you will see a difference to neurotypical counselling. Examples of this difference are:
– I will self disclose aspects of my autistic identity if it may be useful to our work
– we can spend time exploring your special interests/passions and I see this as a therapeutic act
– we can spend time doing practical tasks. e.g. filling in forms together or talking through an upcoming tricky practical issue.
– I can help you with pre-assessment forms and have experience of helping clients do their pre-assessment ADHD and autism forms.
– I use unconventional approaches to help clients explore their neurodivergent profile e.g. using pinterest boards.

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