Jazz Clark, Success Coach - Get Results Coaching 🌈 Queer Life Coaching

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Jazz Clark, Success Coach - Get Results Coaching 🌈 Queer Life Coaching
Practitioner identifies as: ADHD, Depression, Neurodivergent
Additional disabilities: ME/CFS, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Gender and/or sexuality: Queer, genderqueer
Pronouns: She / they / he

Jazz Clark, Success Coach – Get Results Coaching 🌈 Queer Life Coaching

I believe in you. No matter what your diagnosis or condition, I’m confident that if you book a free coaching call with me today, and we establish that we’re a good fit to work together, I will be able to help you transform your life within the space of months.

You can book your free coaching call here: https://www.meetme.so/getresults

To really grasp what I do, read what those who have worked with me say.

I have a fuller list of testimonials on the homepage of my website – https://www.getresults.co – but here are a few:

“Highly recommended.” “Your coaching has saved my life. I don’t know what else to say!” “5 very big stars!”

“I wrote “success would look like this“ in late 2017 and I’m basically there now [12 months later].“

“I’ve spent years struggling and tens of thousands of pounds under the care of therapists, gurus and other specialists and honestly I’ve made more progress working with you in the last 6 weeks than I did with all of them combined.“

“It’s been life-changing working with you. I doubt that I ever would have got this far on my own.“ ”It has been 100% what I needed.” “I was so ready for this … I didn’t even dare to believe how powerful the changes would be.“

“I was quite skeptical about how useful coaching would be, but within the first hour of talking with Jazz I found my life changing for the better in ways I hadn’t even imagined.“ “Coaching with Jasmine will help you ‘Get Results’ like nothing else!”

“[Working with Jazz] has been enormously helpful in helping me figure out my goals and priorities and strategies and has helped me to improve my productivity and motivation.”

“Being coached to find the confidence and belief to move on from a situation that was a massive negative for me, no matter how I was invested within that situation, has been amazing.“

“Your coaching has been worth at least 10 times what I’ve paid you over the last year! I would never have guessed that it could have this huge of an impact on my life.“

“It’s mind-blowing to see the numbers and see how quickly and easily I’ve moved from point A to point B.“ “I’m honestly gobsmacked when I look at how far I’ve come.”

“Jazz helped me to bring my attention and awareness to the things that really mattered most to me, and helped me begin to find ways to make them the focus of my world.“

“Our coaching relationship has helped me set targets and maintain them. It’s built and honed habits I either didn’t have, or wasn’t using, and structured mechanisms in my day to day life that are now invaluable.“

”I’m usually a bit cynical about this kind of thing and about seeking help, feeling I can work through these things on my own. I was proven wrong pretty much immediately on working with Jasmine.”


I’m an established life coach with over 15 years of experience working internationally, offering personal and group coaching in person, by phone and video call.

I also have a short waitlist for group coaching (online) which is specifically for LGBTQIA+ people and allies. You can sign up to the waitlist on my website, https://www.getresults.co/queer-life-coaching

If you’re in Leeds, I also offer group coaching on a monthly basis – you can reserve tickets for the next session here: https://www.tinyurl.com/queerlifecoaching


For over a decade I have supported people across social and cultural demographics, from destitute and low-income people through to extremely high income individuals.

Offering holistic support, I can help you better understand your challenges and goals not just in terms of your own history and current circumstances, but also the wider systems at play, from interpersonal and family systems to the social and cultural systems that you find yourself in.

Having lived experience of several forms of visible and invisible conditions myself which lead to social marginalisation, I’m particularly interested in working with you if you are marginalised in some way due to your gender, sexuality, neurodivergence, nationality, race, class, disabilities or other aspects of your identity.

I can offer perspectives, insights, tools and practices which can support you – not just in managing your challenges and goals, but also in making practical, measurable progress session-on-session towards living your best life and achieving specific practical objectives along the way.


The evidence of your progress with Get Results Coaching will be clear and obvious. All the sessions will be led by you, and your agenda. I will hold space, support, encourage and ask you useful questions to open up possibilities for growth and progress.

1) We’ll have a series of relaxed, life-changing conversations where we discover powerful new perspectives on your goals, your problems and how to break through the “impossible“ barriers that have kept you from your success.

2) We’ll then set actionable goals for the time ahead, and check in on your progress at the beginning of the next session.

​The work we do is simple, logical, rational, quick to implement, and consistently yields real, measurable results within minutes, hours, days and weeks. The results we create are obvious, profound, significant, solid, reliable, testable, enduring.

Although the transformation is comprehensive, it’s also a delight to discover how straightforward it is to take ownership and start to create that which you want to see in your world!


Areas I have supported clients with (in alphabetical order):

* Addressing injustice * Advocacy * Aging * Anxiety * Anti-racism * Bereavement * Boundaries * Business support and development (especially entrepreneurs and small businesses up to £1m startups) * Career development * Communal integration * Community-building * Community empowerment * Conflict management * Cultural integration * Dating * Depression * Disability * Divergence – class, gender, neuro, physical, sexual) * Education management * Emotional development * Exercise * Family work * Friendships * Goal-setting * Grieving * Growing in and through your disabilities / marginalisations * Health and fitness * Identity * Illness * Interpersonal skills * Life choices * Managing chronic / long-term health conditions * Meditation and mindfulness * Mental wellbeing * Neurodivergence * Organisational change * Parenting * Personal empowerment * Phobias * Political resistance * Queer empowerment * Relationships * Relocation * Resilience * Resourcefulness * Routine creation * Self-actualisation * Self-care * Self-empowerment * Self-esteem / Pride * Sexuality * Sexual practice * Social skills * Spirituality * Stress management * Time management * Vision work * Wealth management * Work / life balance * Working towards collective liberation

and many more!


If you have any questions get in touch, or feel free to book a free consultation via the link on this page – I look forward to talking with you soon! 🌱

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