Empowering Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Coaching Session

United Kingdom
Empowering Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Coaching Session
Practitioner identifies as: Autistic
Pronouns: She/Her

I offer a talking therapy service that dips into different modalities but is based around Hypno-CBT. I believe that cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy is a very broad, holistic type of therapy. Some clients like a listening-based session, with more mindfulness and meditative techniques. (The CBT aspects are often adapted for neurodivergent clients). Some clients like a very dynamic and collaborative session, looking at cognitive behavioural issues, e.g. addressing unhelpful beliefs, ‘stuck’ thought patterns, and issues of identity and self-acceptance; while others seek problem-solving and goal-setting support, perhaps concerning sensory needs and workplace or familial issues. The hypnosis aspect, if used, is useful for rehearsing things; regulating; relaxing; and also accessing some aspects of Self that’s on the edge of our awareness.

As well as working directly with clients, I am also happy to work with parents and guardians of neurodivergent individuals; for example to help navigate the way in which families relate to each other, especially when one or more is ‘ND’!

If you would like to book a session with me, please message me about availability before booking!

About Kathy

I am Kathy (pronouns she/her), and I am thrilled to be working with http://thrivingautistic.org I am a neurodiversity-affirming cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, as well as an autistic Mum to an autistic son.

I have a very holistic outlook, embracing positive psychology and polyvagal principles; I am always keen to help clients develop aspects of themselves like self-regulation, authenticity and empowerment.

I was late-diagnosed as autistic in my forties, and have found my diagnosis (and that of my son, along with my husband’s ADHD diagnosis!) to be life-affirming and life-changing. I hope that I can help you feel this way too, and look forward to walking with you on your journey.

You can check out my personal blog here at https://www.arrivetherapy.co.uk/hypno-cbt-blog – it has lots of info on how therapy can be adapted for neurodivergent people.

I have experience as a hypnotherapist, with other experience as a coach, listener and counsellor.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hours

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