Meredith: Neuro-affirming counsellor for late-diagnosed women

Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Meredith: Neuro-affirming counsellor for late-diagnosed women
Practitioner identifies as: ADHD, Autistic
Pronouns: she/her

What brings you here?

Perhaps you’ve arrived here because you’re experiencing some of the challenges of being a woman in our society. The busyness and pace of life often doesn’t allow us to honour the flow of our inner cycles or care for ourselves in the ways our female bodies need. Chronic stress, overwhelm and exhaustion can lead to burnout, exacerbate hormonal conditions and disconnect us from our wild feminine wisdom and ways. We are often playing a multitude of roles as the givers and carers for others, to the neglect of ourselves. Perhaps the mask you wear is slipping a bit and you’re finding it difficult to carry on as you once did. Perhaps there is a niggling whisper (or even a loud voice screaming) inside saying you need to do something different. Perhaps you feel stuck or that you have lost way. Perhaps it is a sense that you are not sure of who you really are.

I am passionate about supporting women to be their fully healthy, authentic and flourishing selves, in contact with their intuition, inner wisdom, strength, wild power, truth, boundaries and joy. Together, we will explore who you really are and what you really want.

I welcome enquiries from all women, but particularly women with, or exploring, an autism diagnosis, those experiencing Pre-menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and/ or burnout. I myself identify as neurodivergent (autistic and ADHD) and while that doesn’t mean we will have the same experience of life, you may well find it helpful to work with a neurodivergent therapist.

As a neurodivergent woman, I have personal experience of a number of the co-occuring conditions that led me to explore autism in more depth, including burnout, PMDD and social anxiety.

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