Online therapy/ Counselling Adults and teenager + Clinical Supervision with Dafiny

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Online therapy/ Counselling Adults and teenager + Clinical Supervision with Dafiny
Practitioner identifies as: Dyscalculia
Practitioners' Race and/or Ethnicity: Mixed Raced
Gender and/or sexuality: female
Pronouns: she, hers

Are you struggling with anxiety, intrusive thoughts, overthinking, panic attacks, insomnia, and worry? Or perhaps you have been feeling that you don’t like yourself, always second guessing yourself; It has been a struggle to start conversations and or to go out and meet new people. You may think that there’s something wrong with you, as you always think you upset people because of your behaviour. Do you have thoughts that keep going on and on and on in an exhausting loop?

I can help you with that.

If you are feeling isolated, believe you don’t belong, confused, zoning out or feeling like you are disconnected have been avoiding friends and family. Perhaps even avoiding any kind of social interaction or desperately needing reconnect again.

Get in touch for a free introduction.

I believe through counselling, you can recover motivation, perspective, hope, strengthen problem solve skills, build resilience, and learn how to accept yourself the way you are also to tolerate anxiety; you can also overcome unwanted memories and sadness not only but also experience joy again.

As an Integrative counsellor in a nutshell my approach allows me to use different tools to better help you to explore your past and or present, your relationships and if needed, help you to connect some dots and find some clarity in why you may do things in a certain way, allowing you to change if that is what you want.

I have experience counselling pre-teens, adolescents, young adults, and adults. I have been working with a diverse range of clients from different cultural backgrounds including neurodivergent people like me, since 2018 when I first started counselling, my experience as a therapist has been in school settings, independent mental health charities, I also offered short-term therapy to Portuguese and Italians speakers’ clients via the IAPT service in South London. I coordinated a counselling service in a women’s only charity in Harrow; alongside I am also a clinical supervisor and I run workshops in Anxiety and wellbeing also counselling in my private practice.

As I am a creative person In my sessions we can use a range of techniques such as: grounding, mindfulness, breathing exercises, psychoeducation, solution focus exercises (CBT), with my younger clients we can play games, do some role play, drawing, crafts, use blobs/ feelings cards, videos or music; etc as long as you are comfortable to use them, as the base of my work is client -centred – I strongly believe that You know what is best for you even if right now you do not feel that you do.

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