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Life Gym UK
Practitioner identifies as: Neurodivergent

Life Gym provides bespoke 1-1 sessions and programmes, groups sessions, training courses, and workshops for those wanting to build their academic, wellbeing and life skills. LifeGym is an inclusive service and has a package to support all needs from children to adults. We support neurodiversity needs such as Autism, ADHD, PDA, dyslexia, and other learning barriers. Our services cover primary, secondary, young adult and adult learners. Our services are fully remote. Sessions can take place at your convenience, Monday – Sunday, provided we have availability.

We work with people to create a support programme specifically designed for them, including people with learning conditions (such as autism). We apply the principles of Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Applied Behavioural Analysis. Our directors, Holly and Elena, have a combined 18 years of experience working with clients who have a range of different needs, from the ages of 2 to 30.

At the heart of all our wellbeing and education services is fostering a client’s agency. We understand that people’s personal circumstances (the gaps in their learning, their conditions, their background, their family situation and so on) impact how they interact with the world and how they acquire skills. Therefore we believe bespoke skills-learning packages are the only way to build skills for life.

Our long-term mission is to reform the education, wellbeing and skills learning sectors. We want everyone, no matter their age, and no matter what psychological, intellectual and emotional make up, to be equipped with the tools to achieve their goals. Our approach is about empowerment, diversity, agency and social, professional and emotional mobility.

No one should be made to feel there is a limit to their potential. If you have the right equipment (skills) you can do anything.

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