Kory Andreas LCSW-C

Crofton, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, United States
Kory Andreas LCSW-C
Practitioner identifies as: ADHD, Autistic, Neurodivergent
Pronouns: She/her

I am a specialist in the area of Neurodiversity and Autism. This is my world. I am a certified AANE Neurodiverse Couples therapist, as well as a trauma informed provider. My training with the fabulous Grace Myhill as well as Lisa Ferentz paved the way for clinical work that I am deeply proud of. My “nerding” knows no bounds, and in the world of special interests, Autism is mine. And also…. pizza making…..photography…. and the never-ending pursuit of the perfect coffee mug.

If you want a safe place to unmask, to stim, to stop worrying about where your eyes are focused or what your facial expressions are “saying”, this is a place where it’s safe to be different. In my “office,” you can tell me I’m wrong, tell me you’re offended, and ask for what you need. This is a place where you can take a break, say everything, say nothing, or ask what I mean. We can talk, or type, and it’s ok if it that takes time. This is a safe place to talk about your interests…full force. You do not have to “make sense,” or be afraid to speak about things that are taboo or not of the popular opinion This is a place where you can share what is most personal to you. This is a place where for an hour, you can let your guard down and be you.

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