Gillian Higgin - Award Winning Neurodivergence Coach

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Gillian Higgin - Award Winning Neurodivergence Coach
Practitioner identifies as: ADHD, Autistic, Dyspraxic
Pronouns: She/Her
Package Fees: 6 sessions £540

Gillian Higgin is an award-winning neurodivergence coach and consultant who is neurodivergent herself. She is a fierce advocate and role model for not only the clients she works with in the UK and internationally, but anyone who is experiencing challenges.
Gillian’s work has been featured in the media and she was also named Diversity Hero of the Year in 2023.
She has a MSc in Psychology, is a trained life coach and was previously a high school teacher.
Gillian is passionate that as many people as possible have a greater understanding of those who are neurodivergent and the wonderful gifts and contribution, they have to offer society.
In addition to her coaching and advocacy work, she works as a consultant to organisations and fellow professional coaches offering workshops, webinars and training courses.
Many of Gillian’s clients turn to her when they are worn down by society. She picks them up and takes them on a journey to discover the real person forgetting the many labels that can be given to them. It is the same journey that took her many years and was a daily challenge. As she says, ‘given’ labels may not reflect the person’s experiences and the difficulties they face. Many neurodivergent people are exhausted with trying to ‘fit in’ and feel they can rarely be their true self. This is something Gillian relates with only too well. She helps people to understand themselves and manage their emotions and stress by developing their own toolbox of strategies, unique to them.
She works tirelessly to bring together her coaching, education and psychology background from a professional and personal viewpoint. Working online with those who need her support, Gillian loves her work. Her greatest reward is seeing the increase in confidence and self-acceptance in those she works with and supports.
Gillian’s mission is that every neurodivergent person is not only accepted but actively embraced by society. They deserve nothing less.

Member of the British Psychological Society.
Member of the Association for Coaching.

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