Couples Therapy with Vauna Beauvais

Nottingham, Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
Couples Therapy with Vauna Beauvais
Practitioner identifies as: ADD, Autistic, Neurodivergent

Hi, Here is a little about what I do and how I can help you in relationships. These sessions are for a pair of people having the session together.

Occasionally, couples also want individual sessions separate from joint sessions. It’s usually not necessary, but if this is relevant for you, we can discuss it and arrange that, too.

I’m a psychotherapist, counsellor, and coach who specialises in working with neurodivergent people. I have been seeing clients for 20 years (since 2001) and over those years I have helped many couples.

** Sessions are for adults (over 18) and each session is 70 minutes in duration. ** Availability is from 9 am until 9 pm on weekdays.

When you come into sessions you might want to talk about anything in life, work, or play, that is causing friction, upset, silences, hurt, or arguments. You may be feeling stuck, lonely, betrayed, misunderstood, neglected, resentful, irritated, undervalued, bored, or disappointed. You might feel that one of you feels one way, and the other of you feels another way. One or the other of you might feel anxious, agitated, overwhelmed, or energy-less. Or perhaps you may experience meltdowns or just shutting down or numbness.

Perhaps you think that you’re currently not communicating together effectively, and you can’t talk about your differences or that the talks go nowhere. Maybe one of you cannot understand the other one’s point of view or maybe isn’t fully aware of the struggles or distress about things because they don’t feel anything is wrong. Or, it might be that you are both aware that things aren’t great, but you don’t know how to resolve it.

In our sessions, we can address the things that are relevant to you as a couple. What is important is that you feel that your situation together is understood and that there is a way forward to make things better.

We can identify which internal and external factors do affect the way that you are together, and what impact this has on the functioning and happiness of your relationship.

We can explore and discover feelings, points of view, and underlying intentions that are related to what has been going on. As we do so we gain insights into how the way that you already communicate, interact, and process things have led to the way things went.

We go on to use how you can still be yourselves and harness these ways to take you toward more understanding, respect, friendliness, and safe connection going forward. This can pave the way to more emotional security, enjoyment, and satisfaction together.

To make things easy for you both to find a suitable time for us to meet, you can use a booking link to book yourself directly into my calendar. Or, if you prefer, we can arrange the next meet-up date between us, either over email or at the end of each session.

If you’d like a 15-minute video call to see whether you feel I’d be the right therapist, you can contact me to arrange a time and date that suits us both.

My Qualifications: MSc Psychotherapy, Certified Cybertherapist, Certified Transactional Analyst. Post Grad Diploma Counselling. Certificate Coaching.

Cancellation Policy: To help me to manage my diary in a way that I can see everyone, I use an appointment system. Apart from one-off emergencies, sessions cancelled within 48 hours will incur the full fee. The reason is that I would have been committed to doing that session with you, and would have allocated time to it. Therefore I would have prevented other people from booking that session, and the short cancellation time means it is too late to offer the session to someone else. If you feel unsure about this or would like to discuss this rule, we can talk about it while we are discussing whether to agree to work together.

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