Autistic-Centered therapy with River Marino

Florida, United States
Autistic-Centered therapy with River Marino
Practitioner identifies as: Autistic
Gender and/or sexuality: nonbinary/asexual
Pronouns: they/she

Healing happens when we feel safe enough to show up exactly as we are. All parts of you are welcome here. I’m not here to change you or fix you. In fact, I don’t think you are “broken” or that there’s anything “wrong” with you. Together, we’ll create an open, accepting, and compassionate environment, with respect for your intuition + body’s wisdom underlying all that we do.

About River

I provide an Autistic-affirming perspective in therapy and believe Autism is a genetically-based neurotype, not a medical disorder. “I understand being autistic to be a cultural identity and recognize #actuallyautistic people as experts on their own culture.” -Janae Elisabeth, Trauma Geek

As an Autistic therapist, I’m here to create a safe space that affirms your Autistic identity. I fully support, and even encourage, self-identification/self-diagnosing as Autistic.

Please visit my website for more info on Autistic-Centered therapy + to sign up for my waitlist.

River (they/she)

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