ADHD Strategist/Coach: Kate Gobes

British Columbia, Canada
ADHD Strategist/Coach: Kate Gobes
Practitioner identifies as: ADHD, Neurodivergent
Gender and/or sexuality: Cis-Female, Queer
Pronouns: She/Her

As a neurodivergent person I draw from my own personal experience and professional experience. Collaborating with the client, I take a solution-oriented approach to get to know each individual’s traits, habits, executive functioning differences, and innate strengths. This allows us to collaborate on creative strategies to meet them where they’re at. You can trust that these strategies are ADHD-informed, evidence-based and neurodiversity affirming. As a counsellor, I’m trained in therapeutic skills that benefit this work and help clients feel supported, seen and cared for. I specialize in understanding and working with executive functioning concerns and offer the following areas of focus:

Productivity strategies for ADHD
Goal setting
Planning/ Prioritization
Organizational tools
Time management
Exam preparation/Test anxiety
Goal-Directed Persistence
Motivation surrounding task initiation
Managing procrastination
Building sustained attention
Emotional control
Getting unstuck
Note taking skills
Creating individualized systems and routines
Maximizing individual energy zones/ energy inventory
Modifying environments
Identifying road blocks and decision points that act as barriers to getting projects started
Role playing effective communication and/or advocating for needs
Scripts for setting boundaries
Coping strategies for sensory overload and selective sound sensitivity syndrome (when certain sounds trigger an outburst)

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