Psychotherapy / Counselling with Vauna Beauvais

United Kingdom
Psychotherapy / Counselling with Vauna Beauvais
Practitioner identifies as: ADD, Autistic, Neurodivergent

Hi. Welcome. I’m glad that you’ve come here to read about me and how I can help you.

I’ve been seeing clients for psychotherapy and counselling sessions for over 20 years now (since 2001). Over the years I’ve trained in many different models of therapy and know myriad ways to look at and resolve issues. When we meet up, I would be drawing on the knowledge, insights, and approaches that fit best for you at this point in your life.

** Sessions are for adults (over 18) and each session is 60 minutes in duration. ** Availability is from 9 am until 9 pm on weekdays.

Once we have agreed to go ahead, you can use a booking link to book yourself in for sessions, or we can arrange the next meet-up date between us, either over email or at the end of each session.

You are not on a contract, so each session is a stand-alone experience that provides value to you. And then the individual sessions link together, over time, to journey towards resolution.

The frequency of the sessions can vary and will depend on what is suitable for you given your own preferences and your lifestyle. We can discuss it and decide the best arrangement for you.

The sorts of things that you might want to address could include anything to do with understanding yourself, others, and the world. And you might want to talk about such things as relationships, family, work or study, your habits, loss, regret, disappointment, confusion, lack of energy, tearfulness, anxiety, depression, other feelings or experiences, your thoughts, or the actions of yourself or others. These might be new problems or things that have been around for a long time.

There are some people who have only known about being neurodivergent recently, or after having already lived for some time. If that applies to you, then you might find it useful to review how you had explained things to yourself then, and how that might make sense differently now that you know more about yourself.

A little bit about me:

My Masters Degree is in Psychotherapy. I am also a Certified Transactional Analyst, a Certified Cybertherapist and hold a Post Grad Diploma in Counselling. I’m a Master Practitioner of NLP, and have a certificate in CBT. I’ve done many other courses over the years that were not related to formal qualifications, including training in autism and ADHD.

Having worked as a psychotherapist and counsellor for 10 years before even knowing I was autistic myself (and ADD) means that I pushed myself through life, education, and work, without anyone even knowing just what I was going through or how painful and confusing life was (and no one knowing just how much work it took me to just seem ‘normal’).

In those days, I worked with clients using a neurotypical model of a human being. Over time I adapted knowledge and built skills that really matched the people who were sitting in my therapy room with me. I did this from intuition, and from using careful enquiry, and monitoring what works. Then for the latter 10 years of my career of seeing clients, I was aware of my own neurodivergence. I started to notice diversity in clients and, naturally, I became more and more interested in properly understanding. I now work in a way that merges both sets of experience, (from my first 10 years and the second 10 years) because, on the one hand, neurodivergent people are human beings and still think, feel, and have needs, (and other things that are common to all humans). Yet, on the other hand, there are some differences that making assumptions based on a neurotypical model of a person can result in therapy not being useful or even can be distressing for the client. There can be differences in processing, in bodily and sensory experiences, as well as differences in ways of thinking and outlook or approach to life. These are generalisations, and ultimately, a person is an individual. There will be some things that apply to one person, some things that don’t, and some things that I have never come across before. Discovery itself is rewarding.

Cancellation Policy: Please let me know at least 48 hours in advance of cancellations. This helps me to manage my diary and keep things running smoothly so that I can see everyone. If you have a one-off emergency or sudden illness, that can’t be helped, and so there can be discretionary exceptions to the payment rule, for those times, but not for regular occurrences. If we work together on this it will build our trust and mutual respect, and we will work better together, bringing better outcomes for us both.

If you’d like a 15-minute video call to see whether you feel I’d be the right therapist, you can contact me to arrange a time and date that suits us both.

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