Sarah Sproule - Internal Family Systems therapy and Occupational Therapy

Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Sarah Sproule - Internal Family Systems therapy and Occupational Therapy
Practitioner identifies as: ADHD, Autistic, Neurodivergent, PTSD
Additional disabilities: Anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder, Trauma history
Practitioners' Race and/or Ethnicity: White Australian living in Ireland, Third Culture Kid, MK
Gender and/or sexuality: Gender queer
Pronouns: She/They

I’m a late diagnosed, autistic/adhd, queer occupational therapist and Internal Family Systems practitioner. I support adults and older teens to discover who they really are instead of:

😇 being ‘good’

🤿 masking their own needs

👍 trying to fit in

💝 taking care of others

I’ve a special interest in the question “Who am I … really?” and have personal experience of answering that question after a life of masking and trying to fit in. If you’ve ever felt not good enough or ‘wrong’, you’re welcome in my world; I’ve felt that too.

And perhaps you’ve discovered your own neurodivergence because your kid(s) got diagnosed first. You want to do your best for them but don’t know where to start. I’ve been working with parents (and other adults raising kids) for almost 10 years, helping them nurture even more connection in their family as they talk about sensitive stuff .

I swear a bit (even in sessions – sorry/not sorry), I love to fidget and am no stranger to feelings of grief, shame and confusion.

So here’s your invitation.

You’re welcome to be whoever and whatever you need to be with me.

Say whatever you need to in our sessions together.

And that’s especially true if you ever felt you had to tell a therapist that you were feeling ‘better now’ … even though that wasn’t true.

Your next step is to book a free 30 minute chat with me to see if I’m the right therapist for you.

Simply click the Book Now section on this page, chose a time that works best for your schedule and fill in your details. I’ll send you an email with your appointment info and that’s that.

I’m glad you’ve found my little corner of the world. You’re allowed to be yourself here, ’cause I’m being my weird and wacky self too ♥️🤪

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