Solution-Focused Coach, Mentor Coach & Trainer (ICF-PCC)

Solution-Focused Coach, Mentor Coach & Trainer (ICF-PCC)
Practitioner identifies as: Autistic, Neurodivergent

About Guy

I am a certified solution-focused coach, a coach-mentor and a trainer for Erickson Coaching International’s global coach training program. I hold a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential from the International Coaching Federation, in addition to an honours Bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Visual Media, as well as a Master’s degree in International Human Rights Law. I am also a husband, an uncle, a lover of music – and an autistic.

Through coaching, I have been able to develop tools, techniques and strategies to leverage my own unique ‘Operating System’, so I can not only play to my unique strengths – but help others to the same! People’s diversity (especially neurodiversity) is their strength – how they can make a true difference. I am all about helping people make a difference – in their own lives, and in the lives of others. I am passionate about making coaching tools and techniques accessible and applicable to all.

Whether it’s delivering workshops, coaching one-on-one, or working with teams, organisations or business leaders, I aim to not simply coach, but to empower people to infuse their conversations and work with simple but effective techniques that create positive, meaningful change. I know the challenges of going through life with what feels like a ‘buggy’ operating-system, through the veil of mental health challenges, and surrounded by ‘noise’.

When working with people who are neurodivergent, I will aim to create a safe, knowing and trusting space, adapting to your unique needs, that is also joyful and motivating. If you’re curious, feel free to contact me for a lovely chat, and we’ll take it from there! 🙂

If you’d like to learn a little more about me, feel free to explore the following links!


Erickson trainer page

Watch my 2019 TEDx talk about the power of solution-focused thinking

The Structure

Coaching one-on-one: for personal or professional development.

Team coaching: for helping teams align, strengthen and grow

Coach training and mentoring: for coaches and non-coaches to enhance their life and work with coaching tools and techniques

Organisational workshops: creating and delivering custom training designed to infuse organisations with a coaching culture and champion the diversity of their employees.

Cancellation Policy: Life happens! Each day is different, and some days may not be right for coaching. To honour this, I ask for at least 24 hours’ notice to either cancel or reschedule, with a minimum of 12 hours without being charged.

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