Neurodiverse Counsellor

Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, England, United Kingdom
Neurodiverse Counsellor
Practitioner identifies as: ADHD, Autistic, Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, Neurodivergent
Practitioners' Race and/or Ethnicity: White British
Gender and/or sexuality: Female, bisexual
Pronouns: She / Her


I’m Lauren, a neurodiverse (ND) counsellor. I work with clients who suspect they may be on the spectrum or have had an ADHD or autism diagnosis.

I offer a calm safe space where together we can slow things down and find clarity on what has brought you to seek counselling.

My authenticity and inclusive approach help create a non-judgemental environment. Here, your whole being and experience is welcome.

I draw from many theories and ways of working but my core intention is to help build transformative relationships from which you can grow, heal and, with the support of your own ND tool kit, experience lasting change.

If living one’s life fully could mean being satisfied with your relationships and having a sense of meaning, as a counsellor, I can help you address specific life areas, as well as inner barriers that may limit you, so that you can flourish and find greater satisfaction in life.

Therapeutic Approach

To build the therapeutic relationship I choose to bring my whole self and let my uniqueness shine through. In choosing to build trust in this way I can be playful at times but I take this therapeutic trust very seriously and keep your clinical best interest at heart.

I have made some adjustments to how I practice compared with most neurotypical therapists, as masking can get in the way of working authentically with you:

– I may sometimes look towards the camera and sometimes away from eye contact as these are my natural ways of being and allow me to be most present with you

– I sometimes draw or make notes in session, separate from my clinical note taking

– and I’ve found I work best if I can move freely in my space – whether that’s a shift in my chair or using textures or stimming as ways to regulate my own system and be present with you

All of these adjustments are tools available to you too. By ensuring I am comfortable and self-regulating in sessions, I also offer permission to clients to show up in the ways that work best for them. We may have fun exploring what this looks like if it becomes of interest to you.

My trauma-informed approach has roots in polyvagal theory, mindfulness, using body as a resource and exploring self-compassion. From wherever we may begin, we will work at your pace towards goals we can identify and agree together.

I am currently working towards certification as an ADHD Clinical Services Provider which, in combination with applied polyvagal theory, allows us to build in effective resources to create your own ND tool kit.

I have particular experience in:

navigating and learning to thrive with neurodiversity, breakdowns / breakthroughs, anxiety & depression, identity issues, sexuality, bereavement, creativity, low self-esteem, relationship problems, chronic stress, career counselling, personal development, spiritual stuck-ness.

I travel, practice meditation and creative pursuits to nurture my own growth and joy. I work with compassion, respectful boundaries and a genuine sense of curiosity in your experience.

I recommend shopping around when looking for a therapist, as the ‘click’ is so important. If you feel I may be a good fit for what you’re looking for, I offer a 20-minute zero-obligation phone call to give us a chance to say hello, see how it feels to speak on the phone and allow you to ask any initial questions you may have.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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