Lan Nguyen, LCSW

California, United States
Lan Nguyen, LCSW Lan Nguyen, LCSW
Practitioner identifies as: Complex PTSD, Depression, Neurodivergent
Additional disabilities: Highly Sensitive Person
Practitioners' Race and/or Ethnicity: Asian American, BIPOC

Do you feel unseen or unheard? Maybe you feel like you don’t quite belong? Or maybe you don’t feel anything at all? Maybe you sometimes feel small despite being an adult. You may question your purpose or existence. Or you may believe that no one really knows the real you…

As a professional therapist, I am ready to journey alongside you with humor, grace, and empathy. Together, we can renew a sense of hope on your path toward healing, peace, and contentment. We can build upon current strengths, identify blind spots, and overcome unhealthy habits. I can support you in your learning and growing, as we unpack past hurts and patterns of self-sabotage.

My typical client…

  • stays curious and committed to their healing journey.
  • is usually BIPOC or AAPI.
  • has a pattern of being in relationships that are one-sided or unhealthy.
  • often feels “not good enough” despite achievements.
  • wants a therapist who is culturally sensitive.
  • struggles to identify their emotions and needs.
  • has difficulty handling conflicts.

So, are you ready to like yourself? Are you ready to unlock your true potential? Are you ready to treat yourself to deeper healing and greater fulfillment? If you value direct feedback, wholehearted encouragement, and compassionate challenges from an honest coach, don’t delay and let’s get started today. Email me or visit my website to book your FREE 15-minute phone consultation today!

Let’s get started,

Lan Nguyen, LCSW

(pronounced “Mulan” without the “Mu”)

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