Holistic Life Coach

Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom
Holistic Life Coach
Practitioner identifies as: ADHD, Autistic
Additional disabilities: CFS
Practitioners' Race and/or Ethnicity: Lichfield
Pronouns: She/her
Package Fees: 3 x sessions £150, 6 x sessions £285

I’m Beckie, a seasoned life coach specializing in empowering neurodivergent individuals. With a BSc Hons in Psychology, Religion, and Ethics, alongside a PG Cert in Applications of Psychology, my academic, professional and lived expertise spans the intersections of addiction, mental health, domestic abuse, sexual violence, and neurodivergence. I also hold specialist knowledge on the PDA presentation, attachment trauma, and the intersection between attachment trauma and neurodivergence.

Having been diagnosed autistic in my late twenties, I bring firsthand experience of navigating trying to fit into neurotypical society, unmasking and embracing my neurodivergence, and all the mess in between! I’ve facilitated support groups, developed training programs on autism, and provided consultancy for organizations looking to better support neurodivergent individuals. I currently work within a Clinical Psychology team and provide therapeutic support to parents of children with complex needs, and offer sensory assessments.

I approach coaching with integrity, enthusiasm, and creativity, with a focus on your needs – not societal expectations. Together, we’ll identify goals, address challenges, and develop strategies for personal growth, acceptance, and empowerment.

I can offer guidance on accessing statutory support services, ensuring you have access to the resources they need to live well.

I am able to offer sessions with no need to commit to more, ad hoc, and regular. Looking forward to getting to know you and being your ally 🙂

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