Hannah Smith Counseling, PLLC

North Carolina, United States
Hannah Smith Counseling, PLLC
Practitioner identifies as: Autistic, Neurodivergent
Gender and/or sexuality: Bi/Pan Sexual and Romantic, Ambiamorous
Pronouns: She/They

Hannah Smith Counseling is a fully online counseling practice specializing in Sex Therapy for people who live “outside the norm”. I love working with people who are neurodivergent, as well as people who are kinky, polyamorous, non-monogamous, LGBTQIAA2S+, or who just don’t feel they fit any societal mold regardless of identity labeling. I want to help you live the kind of life you want, regardless of what that looks like. If this sounds like something you want, please don’t hesitate to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

(I do use video/voice services so I can see and hear you, as body language information helps my work. Eye contact is not required and the system I use allows you to turn off your ability to see yourself and/or me for your comfort.)

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