S.L. McIntyre Psychotherapy, LMFT

California, United States
S.L. McIntyre Psychotherapy, LMFT S.L. McIntyre Psychotherapy, LMFT
Practitioner identifies as: ADHD, Autistic, Complex PTSD, Neurodivergent
Practitioners' Race and/or Ethnicity: White - Mixed European Descent - Gaelic Highlander
Gender and/or sexuality: Non-binary with Trans Masc and Genderfluid experience
Pronouns: they/he

Are you often hypervigilant?
Insecure in relationships?
Disconnected from your body and emotions?
Do you often feel worthless or like you can’t trust yourself?
Are you aware of self-defeating behaviors, but can’t seem to change them?

A 2020 study found 60% of Autistic folks had experienced PTSD-like symptoms in their lifetime, compared to 4.5% of the “general population.”

Youths diagnosed with ADHD were reported to have significantly higher ACES scores than any other neurodivergent group.

Many folks who are #actuallyautistic will never know it due to their overlapping trauma symptoms, plus societal stigma towards ASD. Often leaving them feeling inherently “broken.”

Are you an emerging professional experiencing anxiety, relationship distress, or dissociation?

You may have had a recent breakup, job change, newborn or Saturn Return.

You may have had a “late-in-life” diagnosis or realized your gender, sexuality, relationship style, brain style or even childhood weren’t what you thought they were.

Wherever you’re at, you want long-lasting change.
You are motivated, reflective, caring, desire deep work, and love a good laugh.

You’re looking for a “right-fit” therapist. Someone who can hold nuance, provide guidance, give space and really engage.

Someone who is not only neurodivergent affirming, but neurodivergent themself.

The most important factor in effective therapy is the therapeutic alliance.
Therapy is a powerful and vulnerable journey that necessitates trust with the practitioner. If you experience your therapy sessions as just the same old same old from a neurotypical, allistic world, how can you ever feel safe enough to share authentically and heal?

Co-occurring diagnosis are also common for Neurodivergent folks, but many practitioners are ill-equipped to support “complex” cases.

With so much marketing about evidence-based treatment, what’s often not mentioned is how the research shows time and time again the importance of finding a quality therapist for you.

Through collaboration and intuition to center your needs and make therapy approachable, inspiring, and engaging. I help you arrive to session, tend to what’s on the surface, deepen into larger themes and pervasive patterns, and contain difficult emotions and memories before you have to shift back into the “real world.”

We’ll investigate your core beliefs, heal chronic stress and break ongoing patterns. We’ll restore your MindBody connection so you can move beyond surviving to thriving.

Through practice you’ll transform.

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