Dr Stephanie Aspin PhD

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Dr Stephanie Aspin PhD
Practitioner identifies as: ADHD, Autistic, Complex PTSD, Neurodivergent
Practitioners' Race and/or Ethnicity: White British, Multicultural Urban Upbringing
Gender and/or sexuality: Cis-Het
Pronouns: She/Her

I am a neurodivergent integrative therapist, coach and person-centred creative arts practitioner. I hold dual doctorates in American poetry and poetry therapy and my practice is trauma-informed. I do not subscribe to any behaviourist models (e.g. CBT, ABA) and I am committed to offering queer-friendly, gender-affirming and anti-oppressive/anti-racist relational therapy. You can find out more about me and my practice and my research/writing by clicking on my website.

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